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The OilBelt Seniors Golf Association is the brain child of a Jacksboro man, Bill Gleason. There is no President, Vice President or ect; Bill Gleason is the "Ramrod" of the Oil Belt Association. The group is made up of Seniors who enjoy Golf and enjoy playing about every two weeks when we get together at one of the 13 Golf courses presently hosting the group.

Back to Bill Gleason, he is retired, a school Teacher most of his life, and when living in the Dallas area, Bill played with a group of seniors. On his return to Jacksboro, Bill came up with a two-fold idea. Seniors would like to play golf but they really don't want to compete with the younger "flat bellies", and the exercise is really needed by them. Second, Bill knew of several 9 hole golf courses that needed their income supplemented just to make it. Why not get them together was Bill's idea. Start an association of the Seniors and play on the 9 hole courses. This was great for a while, but then some of the 18 hole courses wanted some of the action, so it was opened to them also and now there are 13 courses involved in the Oil Belt association.

The Oil Belt Senior Men's Golf Association was organized in the winter of 1991-92 and began play in the spring of 1992 consisting of members from the clubs of: Decatur, Olney, Bridgeport, Graham, Willow Springs, Horseshoe Bend of Weatherford, and Jacksboro. Later the same year Archer City was added, to be joined in the following years by Henrietta, Nocona Hills, Runaway Bay, Bowie, and Nocona. Runaway Bay later withdrew with Holliday Hills Country Club of Mineral Wells being added in the year 2000.

The first Oil Belt Senior's tournament was played at Decatur Country Club with 59 entries from the original 7 Clubs. The Association soon began to grow and started the season of 1993 with 91 members. Due to the number of tournament entries on the nine hole courses, the use of AM and PM tee times was initiated.

The intent of the Association when organized was to provide an opportunity for Senior Men to compete equally while allowing for Fellowship with the members from other Clubs. Play has always been medal with individual handicap which gives each Senior and opportunity to place in the flights. Prize amounts are purposely on the low side which promotes the fellowship among the players as well as to discourage sandbagging.

Special rates at all member courses give the Oil Belt Seniors incentive to play the different courses that make up the Association. It was never the intent of the association to be a "freeloader", but to pay their own way. As a result, the Oil Belt Senior contribute to the economy of all member Clubs as well as getting to play the various courses that make up the Oil Belt Senior Men's Golf Association.

The cost of playing in the Oil Belt association is relatively inexpensive. To join the group is $20.00 a year, then each time you play you only pay $30.00. That covers green fees and golf cart. If you bring your own golf cart, that charge drops, but that is on the courses that allow private carts, a few do not allow them.
And there is a Hole-in-One pot. Members, on their own, put a dollar in the pot and it runs until someone makes a hole in one during one of our play days. Its been won a couple of times in the past.

As a result of the Oil Belt tournaments, lasting friendships have developed among many of the members. Whenever a regular misses a tournament for any reason, someone will usually inquire about why he is not there. This fellowship among the members is what helps to make the Oil Belt Association what it is today.

One story that I thought was appropriate which Bill Gleason was telling me, He said there had never been a complaint from any one... then he thought a minute and said there was one. A few years ago they were having a top level meeting at a club and a fellow sitting off away was obviously listening. He spoke up and said, "I have a complaint". Bill said his mind took in everything to try to determine what his complaint could be and then told him, "all right, what is your complaint". The man, probably in his 70's replied "I have to play with a bunch of OLD F**TS".